WordPress Development

Looking for the best WordPress Development Company? Look no further. We have invested heavily in the adoption of WordPress. With over 7 years of experience building WordPress plugins, integrating WordPress themes, and deploying client websites on the most popular content management system on the web (AKA WordPress), we have become one of the top experts as a WordPress development company.

WordPress is a free, versatile and easy-to-use content management system (CMS) with strong support for extension and scaling. It has a low learning curve for both end users and developers, which is part of the reason it has become so popular.

  1. Drag and drop Widgets to create fully functional Web pages.
  2. Add lists, content or multimedia to new web pages.
  3. Launch product and campaign landing pages on the fly.
  4. Deploy third party widgets such as Salesforce, YouTube and more.
  5. Optimize every page for SEO using freely available plugins.
  6. Speed time-to-market by building and reusing functional Widgets on multiple projects.


Why choose WordPress development from Webzler?

There are many different free themes available for customizing WordPress. Even though there are some nice themes, none of them are customized for you. They have all been designed for a different site, or just to be a generic template. When you have your own theme custom designed, you make sure that your theme really fits your needs.

A custom theme can be branded for your company, designed to match your personal tastes, or just made to look good. Even if you have some technical experience, designing a WordPress them can be a daunting task – it requires both the ability to write code and do graphic design. Don’t waste your time trying to do both of these difficult tasks- instead, leave that to the experts.

We have lots of experience designing custom WordPress themes, and we can customize a theme to fit your needs. Contact us today to find out more about the difference that we can make for your business. We’ll work with you to find out what your needs are, and then build a WordPress theme that can will fulfill them.

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